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Getting Started...
Based on the specifications you require, we will provide a customized quotation including pre-press, production and shipping costs, estimated turnaround time and relevant suggestions or notations. This is generally provided within 48 hours, except during weekends, holidays, or especially busy periods.
If the specifications and price look good to you and you wish to seriously consider taking things to the next step, we can send you our an unprinted "white " sample of the product using the materials and methods specified, quality samples of our work

Once you have provided us with your artwork, we will review the files carefully for any potential problems, root out any problems with bleeds, overprints, registration, color modes.... Generally within 2 or 3 days from the time we receive your files, either digital proofs or Wet proofs upon request are Fed-Exed to you for review.


Selecting from a wide range of available printing and binding equipment, production will occur in East or South China, supervised by an experienced Quality Control manager checking paper, color quality and consistency, registration, trimming, crossovers and about 50 other critical attributes as part of our 7-stage quality management procedure. A press check will be made at every critical step in the production of your job.
Where there are critical intermediary steps we often send advance unfinished samples for your updated review and comfort. You will continuously be updated on the status of your project.

Quality Inspection ...
When the project is completed, the project manager in charge will conduct a Quality report detailing all aspects of the project checked throughout the process.
A final inspection is conducted whereby finished, packed product are removed at random from a range of cartons in the run and scrutinized for any defects. Even minor problems, if any, will be revealed in accordance with fair practice and professional ethics.
Photos of the secure, packed cartons ready to exit the factory are sent to you by email so that you feel assured that the job has been fully completed and properly secured for shipping. Printed, finished and packed product samples are sent by FedEx for your final inspection before shipping. Nothing leaves the factory until we have your satisfied approval

Delivery ...
Delivery from China now requires anywhere from 1-3 Weeks (Australia and Asia), 3-5 weeks (USA and the Americas), to 4-6 weeks (Europe).We offer FOB, CIF, DDP Delivery method

FOB: Free on Board which means we delivery products on port and you take care of the rest of the work, you will need to work with your broker to work out the cost and details.

CIF: Cost of Insurance and Freight. We pay the ocean freight to delivery to your port, you will need to work with your own broker to do the customs clearance, trucking to your warehouse
Upon request we often offer DDP (delivery to your door service) by working with top shelf international freight forwarding companies and our own dedicated customs agents, We will follow the progress of your job and update you as the goods approach your door. Upon entry, we will handle all import paperwork, customs bond, and offloading and final delivery logistics.

Suggested minimum quantities to print cost-effectively from China:

Hard bound books: 1,500
Calendars: 2,500
Catalogs: 2,500

Soft bound books: 2,500
Games and other products: 2,000